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panhellenic pride

Every month, CPC recognizes a member (or members!) for their exceptional leadership, advocacy, and representation within the Panhellenic community. These members are some of the best in our community and truly embody the mission of "EMBRACE. EQUIP. EMPOWER."


Lily Collins & sara collier


"Lily and I have not known each other for very long, but, in our short time as friends, I can say she is a once in a lifetime person. As president of Kappa Delta, she is a strong leader and a genuine friend to all down the row. Whether I need a shoulder to cry on or someone to make me belly laugh to no end, I know I can call Lily up! One word to describe Lily Collins would be selfless. She is involved in her chapter's philanthropy and multiple organizations on campus. She is always on the move and putting others above herself. I don't know what this community would do without a woman like her!"

"Sara is servant minded and determined to support our members of Alpha Delta Pi and the CPC community. She embraces people's unique talents and diversity, provides members with support and connection to vital resources, and is a vital role model on and off campus. There is not anyone I know that fulfills CPC's mission and motto of 'Embrace. Equip. Empower.' more than her!"



Sarah Langevin & Anna kate wood


"Sarah is constantly showing up for her friends all down the row and is always there when someone needs that extra shoulder to cry on. Whether she is just smiling as she passes someone by, or being your hype woman, Sarah is such a genuine friend. She lifts others up continuously while being so active within the community. She truly is such an amazing and supportive woman!"

"Anna Kate is the most intentional person I have ever met. She greets anyone she comes around with genuine kindness, grace, and positivity that radiates! I know I can always count on Anna Kate to make my days ten times better. She works so hard in her classes, around campus, and within Phi Mu!"



Abby Shows & Lucy Pauli


"Abby gives 1000% to every space she is involved in. In Delta Gamma, she is extremely helpful in her position and in everyone else's, always lending a hand. In Admissions, she is always positive, representing the CPC community well on her tours. And as a friend, she is always a shoulder to lean on and someone to laugh with"

"Lucy goes above and beyond in everything she puts her mind to. She is a dedicated member of the CPC community. Even on a bad day, you can always catch Lucy with a smile, always trying to lift the people around her up. Whenever I need some light in my life, I know I can always go to Lucy when I need an extra boost of happiness!"



Paige Moore & Savannah Oakes


"Paige is the most genuine, intentional, and kind person I have ever been around! She goes absolutely above and beyond for every single person in our chapter and throughout the panhellenic community. I am so thankful for someone like Paige who is so bright and positive to be a part of my life!!"

"Savannah is one of the most supportive people I have ever met, and she is always by my side even though I am not in her chapter. She always goes out of her way to make sure other members in the community feel loved and supported whether they are CPC, IFC, or NPHC. Overall, she is an amazing human being who is a genuine friend to all!"



Audrey Cartner & Kinsey Smith


"Audrey has pushed herself in the CPC community since her days in JPC and continues to make strides in her chapter and down the row. She makes connections with every FSL community she can and continues to promote Circle of Sisterhood after her time on JPC. She proved herself even more as a Gamma Chi this past semester by uplifting the new members and showing that there is more than just sorority life. She is truly someone that makes the community so proud!

"Kinsey is an outgoing public servant who cares about the ritual of not only Alpha Delta Pi, but also the College Panhellenic Council. She pushes the members of Alpha Delta Pi to be involved within CPC to create a more diverse and progressive environment for all members of the CPC community."



Lacey Sparks & Kristen Wilson


"Lacey has done such an amazing job with getting her fellow sisters more involved in our philanthropy and allowing us to help our community! She has made people excited about spreading awareness of literacy!"

"Kristen shows her love for the CPC community and those around her every single day. She is a constant encourager and supporter of so many! She is always there to lift you up when you are down, be a listening ear, and support you in anything you do! Kristen is the true definition of what any woman in CPC should stand for!"



cloe knight & Amelia lindsay


"Cloè is the most selfless and loving person ever. She is always so quick to help inside and outside or the chapter and makes everyone feel seen, loved, and respected. She is so loyal and dedicated to Lucky day, Honors college, and Phi Mu and I just couldn't think of a more deserving person to receive this award."

Amelia is involved in so many different areas on campus and continuously gets others involved on campus as well. She is always looking for an opportunity to help her fellow CPC women, and others in general, all around her.



Madi Blitch & Ann Wallace Derossette

"She is not only an incredibly hard worker, but also she puts so much love into her friends and relationships. I have never met anyone kinder, more inclusive, and more loving than Madi Blitch. She handles situations and conflict so well and with such a servants heart. She also has a love for the Panhellenic community that I unfortunately don't see much. She is amazing and she doesnt get the recognition she deserves."

"Ann Wallace has never been anything short of kind, outgoing, and involved! She loves USM and CPC so much that you can't help but love it with her. She strives to make everyone feel included and loved and I truly believe she is a beautiful representative for the CPC community!" 

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