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embrace: recruitment

CPC aims to embrace not only all students who show interest in our Panhellenic community but also all students we meet across campus. If our community does not continue to grow and evolve, we lose a large part of our purpose. Find out how to join our community through our various styles of recruitment and recruitment resources.


WE LOVE OUR incredible  recruitment sponsors!

"On behalf of Southern Miss Panhellenic, we are so excited that you are interested in leaving USM better than you found it by joining the Recruitment Process. Suppose you are looking for a value-based community of empowering women who will push you to be a better person academically and personally. In that case, we encourage you to give Sorority Life a chance. My best piece of recruitment advice would be to have an open mind! Learn about all our outstanding chapters and see the bonds formed not only within each sisterhood but also down the row. You are not just joining a single organization but an entire community of Panhellenic women. Recruitment looks different for everyone who participates in it. Try not to compare your experience to others. Remember, this is a selfish process, so trust yourself and listen to your heart. Most importantly, enjoy the process! Take a breath, be true to who you are, and seek out people who encourage your growth and whose values align with yours. Surround yourself with women who challenge, encourage, and inspire you to do the same for others."

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