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embracing all: CPC & dei

The College Panhellenic Council (CPC) at the University of Southern Mississippi is a community that follows the National Panhellenic Council’s core values, which are friendship, leadership, service, knowledge, integrity, and community. As such, we actively strive to better our campus and society. One way we aim to do that is through our Panhellenic Inclusion and Equity Committee. In 2022, the Executive Board created the VP of Inclusion and Wellness position, whose responsibility is to guide the committee members and provide resources, education, and support to active and incoming members. The VP of Inclusion and Wellness works with our Fraternity and Sorority Life advisors and other campus organizations to enact positive change within our community and on campus.

The DEI Careline is a new system of safe reporting implemented by our Vice President Inclusion and Wellness. If you have any questions before submitting the form, please reach out to!

recognition of the problem

When sororities were first founded in the 1800s, women were struggling to find a place within their institutions where they would feel safe, welcome, and accepted. While we admire our founders for taking the initiative to organize these spaces for women, we must also admit that many groups of women were left out of this conversation. These spaces were not inclusive or equitable for underrepresented groups, which can make it difficult for members of these groups to feel welcome in this community. 


We recognize that there is still work to be done to welcome previously excluded women into this community. Here are some of the initiatives we’ve taken to remove barriers historically built around fraternity and sorority life:

  • Establish a DEI Team- Each chapter has at least one position dedicated to DEI, and the women in this role make up the Panhellenic Inclusion and Equity Committee. This team will:

    • Attend regular meetings organized by the VP Inclusion and Wellness.

    • Host and facilitate programming for their own chapter.

    • Provide education and resources for their active members. 

    • Ensure their active members feel comfortable in their membership. 

    • Ensure Potential New Members feel comfortable during recruitment. 

  • Develop educational programs- The VP of Inclusion and Wellness will provide education for the community on DEI topics, including, but not limited to:

    • Privilege 

    • Oppression 

    • Implicit Biases

    • Gender and Sexuality

    • Cultural Appropriation 

    • Other FSL Councils 

  • Survey active members- the VP Inclusion and Wellness will conduct surveys to check in with active members. This will allow CPC to gain better insight into what we as a council need to do to help our members.

    • Chapters will also have the option to meet with the VP Inclusion and Wellness to discuss the areas their chapter may need help in. During these meetings, the VP Inclusion and Wellness and chapter inclusion chair can work together to come up with follow-up steps specific to that chapter.

Amber Latino, VP Inclusion and Wellness

Bri Doege (Alpha Delta Pi)

Peyton Jones (Alpha Chi Omega)

Alex Green (Chi Omega)

Ann Wallace DeRossette (Delta Delta Delta)

Holly Eckman (Delta Gamma)

Megan Maddox (Kappa Delta)

Kristen Graviett (Phi Mu)

Maesey Rowell (Pi Beta Phi)

Inclusion &
Equity team

on campus resources

Need more resources? Reach out to for more!

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