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continuous open bidding

Another way to join our community outside of primary recruitment is through the continuous open bidding process (COB). Joining a chapter through COB still provides all the privileges and experiences of sorority membership - just on a little bit of a different schedule.

COB looks very different from primary recruitment. It is more informal and, unlike primary recruitment, you do not need to attend events for all sororities. You are welcome to attend events for various sororities, though not all events take place during the same time frames, so it can be more complicated to do so.

When a sorority participates in COB, it hosts a number of different informal and intimate events to get to know potential members better. As a potential member, you get to meet a variety of women from the chapter in a relaxed setting, ask your questions and learn more about the organization and its members. Attending as many events as you can is still the best way to learn if you would like to be a member of that sorority.

These informal events will look different for each organization. Sorority chapters might host a game night, roller skating, bowling, potluck or similar types of events. COB events are designed to be less structured than primary recruitment, which can allow you to speak with more chapter members. These events may provide some insight into what being a member of that organization is like. That is because many of these COB events are very similar to sisterhood events the chapter might host.

Once you’ve figured out which chapters are participating in COB and you’ve attended multiple events, how do you know if you have received a bid? Just like primary recruitment, not all women who participate in COB will be extended a bid. If a chapter will not be extending a bid to you, a member should contact you and let you know. This allows you to participate in COB events for other sororities or wait until the next primary recruitment period.

At the end of primary recruitment, the College Panhellenic distributes the bid that a sorority is extending to you. During COB, the sorority will contact you directly to extend you a bid. Each organization handles bid distribution it differently, but it always an exciting event. Many will still host a Bid Day to welcome their new members home and celebrate their new membership. Once you have received a bid, it is time to celebrate the lifelong membership benefits of sorority that are being shared with you!

"Coming into college, sorority life was never something I intended to get involved in. I was always told that I “wasn’t the sorority type” and honestly, recruitment scared me! But fall semester of my sophomore year I was struggling to find my place and make connections on campus. My best friend encouraged me to go through COB with her. I was hesitant but agreed to go to Open House and give it a shot. The moment I walked in, I was hooked! I joined my chapter that spring and hit the ground running. The next semester I was selected to serve on the CPC Executive Board which has been one of my favorite college and overall life experiences. I also have served and currently serve in leadership roles within my own chapter. COB may not be the “traditional” recruitment process; however, without it, I never would have found my love and passion for Panhellenic life. I encourage anyone and everyone to give COB a chance. It was the best decision of my life, and it could be for you too!"

Jenna Myers

Spring 2022 COB - Delta Delta Delta

VP Administration (Miss Money) - 2023 CPC Executive Board

Bid Day 2022

2023 cpc exec

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