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a letter from the advisor

You probably find yourself here because of your interest in going through recruitment and joining a sorority. There are many questions, uncertainties, and logistics to consider before going down this road:


How much will this cost? What even is a sorority? Will I be safe? What is a recommendation letter, and do I need it? Will this experience be worth it? Is it like you see on TV or the internet? Will I need THAT many shirts? Should I even try this?


The short answer to that last question? YES.


Joining a sorority is a formative experience with benefits that extend beyond graduation. The fraternity and sorority community at Southern Miss values fellowship, scholarship, leadership, and citizenship. Incredible staff, prominent alums, and a community of peers support Southern Miss fraternity and sorority members. Membership in this community is one of the premier student experiences on campus. It is a lifelong commitment and provides a community that helps students develop as leaders, productive members of society, and faithful friends. I am living proof of that claim! My time as an active sorority member at Southern Miss (many moons ago!) completely changed my life and enhanced my experience as a college student. I developed lifelong friendships and mentors, learned my strengths and weaknesses, and found a community of real, strong, and authentic sorority members spanning all chapter letters. It also helped me get a job after college (which my mom greatly appreciated)! On the other side of my undergraduate experience, I am now a proud sorority alumna who gets to help future generations find their home away from home.


We understand that not all recruitment experiences have the desired outcome. We are here to provide support and resources to everyone going through the process. I encourage any and all students who can give this crazy, incredible experience a try. 


It just may leave you better than it found you.

With sincerity and endless support,

Hannah Scott Back

Proud Southern Miss Alum. Proud Delta Gamma.

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