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equip: membership

CPC aims to equip all members of our Panhellenic community through various support groups and resources. Find out more about membership by meeting our CPC Executive Board, previewing our housed chapters, and browsing our governing documents.

“When I went through panhellenic recruitment here at USM, I thought I was just joining a sorority. I thought I would find friends in my chapter and support the philanthropy my chapter supports. And while that is all true, it is only a fraction of what I found as a member of the CPC community. Being a member of the CPC community is about being a part of something bigger than yourself or even your chapter. I have gotten the opportunity to be a part of supporting women and their philanthropic efforts that directly impact local communities throughout the entire country. I have developed intimate relationships with women throughout the CPC community, but also have been introduced to a very diverse group of people in other campus organizations, which collectively has enriched my college experience here at USM. Becoming a member of the CPC community is such an amazing stepping stone into broadening and achieving your personal and professional aspirations on this campus.”

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