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primary recruitment

Do you want leadership opportunities in college? What about a chance to give back to your community? Do you want a space where you can be authentically yourself? Sorority might be the place for you. Everyone who decides to participate in recruitment has different reasons for doing so. Maybe you want to build a network to help you find a job. Maybe you want to make new friends in college. Whatever the reason is, joining a sorority can be one of the most valuable experiences you have in college.

To receive a bid from a National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sorority you participate in recruitment. Primary recruitment happens once per school year and might be the busiest season for sorority women and potential new members (PNMs). Find out how recruitment works.

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There are four (4) rounds of recruitment at Southern Miss.





Open House is the first round of recruitment. PNMs will visit every single chapter down the row and get to know more about them. This round is set up similar to “speed-dating” where active members and PNMs will get to know each other a little better. PNMs will visit all eight (8) chapters. 

Philanthropy is the second round of recruitment. This round of recruitment is dedicated to each chapter’s specific philanthropy. From Make-A-Wish, Ronald McDonald House, St. Jude, and more, our Panhellenic community is dedicated to philanthropy. PNMs will have the opportunity to learn more about the chapter’s philanthropy as well as the specific events they host for it. On this day, PNMs will be able to visit up to six (6) chapters.

Sisterhood is the third round of recruitment. PNMs will get an even better look at the sisterhood that each chapter has to offer. PNMs will have the opportunity to learn about big/little duos, sisterhood events, and more. Up to four (4) houses can be visited this day.

Preference – Preference is the final round where PNMs will decide which chapter they feel most comfortable and at home with. For some students, they will have one option while others may have two. No matter how their recruitment process looks, each experience is incredibly unique and special. PNMs will visit up to two (2) houses.

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After each round of recruitment, you get to prioritize which chapters you want to visit the next day. This can be really easy the first day and can get harder and harder. Maybe you have no clue at all from day one. That is OK. Remember, you have your Gamma Chi (recruitment counselor) to talk through your choices.

As you are making decisions, so are the sororities. This mutual selection process may mean not going back to a chapter you prioritized highly. You may receive an invitation to a chapter you have indicated as a low priority. Consider this an opportunity to get to know the chapter further as they have identified you as someone who fits the values and expectations of their organization.

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the best day of the year:


Bid Day is celebrated after all of the recruitment rounds are over. This is the day where PNMs receive a bid to join one of their top two chapters. It is a time for celebration and excitement! PNMs, now new members, will get to run home from the Payne Center to the Village. Parents, family, and friends are more than welcome to join us for the festivites. Be warned - there is a lot of glitter.

Recruitment registration at Southern Miss is a one-time fee of $35. PNMs will receive two t-shirts to wear the first two days of recruitment as well as a bag. Our registration application includes filling out the following criteria: G.P.A, leadership roles, activities, hobbies, and more.

Registration will open in Spring 2024.

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