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Recruitment makes people ask a lot of questions. ALL the questions. Literally.

Let us help answer those.


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frequently asked questions

When can I join sorority life?

Students have two opportunities a year to join sorority life here at Southern Miss. Primary recruitment takes place before the fall semester begins, and spring recruitment occurs during the spring semester. However, it is essential to note that only some chapters are guaranteed to be eligible for spring recruitment. Primary recruitment is the best option if your student wants to visit every chapter and experience a fully structured recruitment.


How do I register for primary recruitment?

You can find the link to register for recruitment in our Instagram bio, @southernmisscpc, or on our website under the "Recruitment" tab!

Can any classification go through recruitment?

Yes! All classifications are welcome (and encouraged) to go through recruitment!

Is there anything that needs to be done after registering for recruitment?

After you register for recruitment, be sure to follow @southernmisscpc on Instagram as well as all eight chapters, familiarize yourself with the chapters, and don’t let yourself stress!

What do sororities do? What are the benefits of sorority life?

The definition of a sorority is "a society for female students in a university or college, typically for social purchases" (Google), but to us here at Southern Miss, it means so much more. While there are social aspects of sorority life, scholarship, philanthropy, community service, and sisterhood mean as much, if not more, to us. Our members fundraise thousands upon thousands of dollars a year for their philanthropies and spend weeks preparing for philanthropy events and volunteering for their respective philanthropies. Everywhere you turn, you will see a sorority woman serving in or leading an organization on Southern Miss's campus, showing our commitment to both Panhellenic life and our university.


The benefits of sorority life consist of life-changing friendships, leadership and service opportunities, professional networking, academic resources, assistance, and more! The benefits are endless in sorority life.


How will I find the sorority that best fits me?

When debating on going through recruitment, we recommend researching, connecting with current sorority women on our campus, attending philanthropy and potential new member events, evaluating your values, and keeping an open mind! If your student does all these things, she will come into recruitment prepared for the experience and make the best decision for her.


What are the costs of joining sorority life?

Costs vary from chapter to chapter. You can see an estimated costs by viewing our Financial Transparency Sheet.

What are the commitments/expectations of joining a chapter?

Time Commitment: Participation in chapter events vary from week to week; however, on average, members commit 2-6 hours per week to their chapter. Participation may include chapter meetings, sisterhood events, social gatherings, etc.
Social Commitments: Through various sorority activities, you will have the opportunity to build relationships with people in your chapter and your community.
Involvement: You may be required to be involved in more than one organization beyond your sorority in order to be a more well rounded student and encourage relationships and experiences beyond those your sororities may give.
Behavioral: Sororities will have an expectation that you are acting in your own best interest, specifically regarding your safety and wellbeing.
Academics: To remain a member in good standing, you must continue to earn grades which reflect the standards of your chapter. Each chapter has a different requirement. GPA requirements range between 2.5 to 3.0. To hold an office, members may be required to maintain an higher GPA.

Do you have to live in the sorority house?

Every chapter has its own stipulations and requirements when it comes to housing. However, most chapters assess a monetary fee for those individuals not willing to reside in the chapter house.

Recommendation letters: what are they, do I need them, and what do I do with them if I have them?

Recommendation letters, while accepted, are not required for students to acquire. Recommendation letters serve an opportunity for an alumna (graduated member) to speak on behalf and recommend the student to the chapter. If you have collected recommendation letters, you can submit them directly to the respective chapters.

What are my options if I withdraw from or get released from recruitment? 

If you get released or choose to withdraw from recruitment, you do have the opportunity to go through spring recruitment at Southern Miss. Spring recruitment is an unstructured recruitment process where PNMs get to hang out with active members of chapters eligible for spring recruitment. Sorority life not for your student? Get plugged in on campus with other organizations.

What does the process look like from a family perspective? How can my friends and family support me during this time?

Recruitment can be physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. Friends and family can support their student by offering a space for them to decompress and encourage them to practice self-care throughout the week.

I'm a family member - what can I do for my student when it comes to all this?

Students need support throughout the process of sorority recruitment and new member education. Be supportive and involved by learning as much as you can about Greek life by asking questions of who your students meet during recruitment.

  • Keep an open mind . . . Greek life is not for everyone. Just because you may have been a sorority member doesn't mean that it is the right choice for your student.

  • Encourage your student to keep an open mind about each organization that they encounter. Sororities are different on every campus. Let your student choose the group that she feels the most comfortable joining.

  • Talk to your student beforehand about the financial obligation. Determine who will pay for what and where the limits are.

  • Remind your student to keep an open mind throughout the recruitment process. Understand that sorority recruitment is based on a mutual selection process, and students may not always become members of their 'first choice' sorority. Students can find academic, social, and service opportunities in all of our Greek and campus organizations.

  • Do not become overly involved in the sorority recruitment process; this is your student's decision at the end of the day.

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