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gamma rho chis

Recruitment counselors, known as Gamma Rho Chis here at Southern Miss, are undergraduate women who serve as a guide throughout the primary recruitment process to potential new members (PNM). Gamma Chis have participated in recruitment themselves, undergone extensive training for preparation, and are there for PNMs to serve as an unbiased mentor throughout this process. Gamma Chis have the option to remain affiliated with their chapter during recruitment or to disaffiliate, but ultimately they are there to serve as an impartial listener and are available to their potential new members during recruitment and Southern Miss journey. Every PNM will have two Gamma Chis assigned to them during the primary recruitment process that will ensure the experience goes as smoothly as possible. 


2024 Gamma Chi Team

Our 2024 Gamma Chi team was made up of 54 incredible women who worked tirelessly to prepare our PNMs for their recruitment experience. 

To know them is to love them and want to be their friend forever!

Purple never looked SO GOOD.

check out the team's adventures this summer!

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