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What is Circle of Sisterhood?

Circle of Sisterhood (CoS) is the philanthropic cause adopted by all eight of our sororities. CoS is a nonprofit organization that works to break down educational barriers for women all over the world. As college students, sorority members have the privilege of being among the most highly educated women in the world. Accompanying that privilege is the responsibility to help ensure the same educational rights for women everywhere. The goal is to educate women, so that they can be productive, self-reliant members of their societies and economies.

Most sororities were founded in the 19th century in response to the very real obstacles to women achieving a college education. Sorority founders bonded together fiercely to fight for their right to higher education. Today, more than 160 years later—and millions strong—we vow to continue the legacy of our founders by standing together again to help girls and women go to school around the world. 


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Circle of Sisterhood is doing amazing things to make sure women and girls receive equal access to education, but they need our help. If you are interested in making a donation please use the button below. Donations of any size are appreciated. 

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