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circle of sisterhood:
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Our community prides itself on our commitment to supporting both local and national philanthropies. Here at Southern Miss, not only do each of our College Panhellenic Council chapters have their philanthropies, but we also partner together to support Circle of Sisterhood collectively. Circle of Sisterhood is an organization created by sorority women for sorority women to remove barriers and expand education access to women globally. Circle of Sisterhood, as an organization, pursues that purpose in many ways. For more information on how, please visit:

cos school build: malawi 2019

In our community specifically, we work towards removing barriers to education by fundraising to support Circle of Sisterhood. Currently, we are asking members of our community and beyond  to contribute towards the cost of a school-build in a developing country, by promising to donate $53. The significance of this number is that $53 is the cost, through Circle of Sisterhood, that is required to fund a girl in a developing country’s education for an entire year. In 2019, members of our community were able to get a firsthand look at the good work Circle of Sisterhood does. by helping with a CPC-sponsored school build in Malawi, Africa.

With our renewed $53 Promise, we are hoping to get to work again very soon.

If you would like to know anything more about how our community supports circle of Sisterhood, or our commitment to philanthropy in general, please feel free to contact our Vice President of Community Engagement at

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