Chapter members are expected to fulfill certain obligations to maintain membership 


Each chapter requires their members to live in chapter housing at least four semesters. Chapter housing includes Hillcrest (residence hall) and the Village (sorority houses).


Each chapter expects members to compete a minimum number of community service hours. The requirements range from 7 to 15 hours per semester. Many chapters host days of service and have local partnerships.


Members must maintain grades that reflect the chapters values. GPA requirements range from 2.5 to 3.o. To hold an office, the expectation may be even higher. It is important for potential members to understand the specific requirements of each chapter. 


Participation in chapter events varies from week to week. On average members spend 2-6 hours a week participating in: weekly mandatory meetings, hosting philanthropy events, participation in other chapters' philanthropy events, Rituals, sisterhood events, Homecoming activities, etc.


First semester new member dues range from $750 to $950. Each semester after will cost between $447 and $550. Dues do not always include t-shirt purchases and other fees.

View breakdown of each chapter's finances here.

Member Experience

Personal Experiences of Sorority Members

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Time Management

Madison shares her successes and challenges with time management while being involved in multiple organizations.

Alexis shares how she manages her time with work, school, and extra curricular while making time for herself.

Anastasia shares how she improved her ability to manage her time throughout her college career.

Leadership Development

Ashlyn shares how her sorority gave her the confidence and support to positively change her college experience.

Ashlyn shares how her sorority gave her the confidence and support to positively change her college experience.

Paige shares how being a leader in her chapter has given her skills to use in her career.

Abi shares how she developed as a leader with her first position being an executive position.

Financial Commitment

Katie shares how her financial responsibilities changed after transferring from a junior college.

Olivia shares how getting a job changed her sorority experience.

Carleigh shares her perspective on financial commitment from her experience in leadership with her chapter.

Behavioral Standards

Olivia shares how her sorority's behavioral standards are different than the standards she had in high school.

Katherine shares the importance of behavioral standards and social media as a sorority woman.


Kayley shares how she has been encouraged by women in the Greek community to pursue her passions academically.

Emma shares how she found comfort in having Greek women in her classes.

Bailey shares how sorority supports academic success.

Corynn shares how she has learned the importance of academics through her leadership.

Social Commitment

Lauren shares how she has found friends in her own sorority, in the Greek community, and on campus.

Tiffany shares how friends in her sorority have supported her and given her more confidence.


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