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Emilee Westfall

President of Panhellenic

Office Hours: 10am-12pm

Classification: Junior

Involvement: Order of Omega, Psi Chi Honor Society

"I love CPC because it feels like home. I’ve made some of the most genuine and authentic friendships by being a part of CPC. I have felt loved and supported not only by women in my own chapter, but by women in every chapter on the row. This community has allowed me to grow in ways I never thought I could. I am a better leader, friend, and sister because of the friendships I’ve made. CPC has given me so much and I’m so thankful for this community."

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Aubrey Johnson
Vice President of Personnel

Office hours: Monday/Wednesday 11:30-12:30pm
Classification: Junior
Involvement: SGA, Beta Gamma Sigma, Order of Omega, Women Eagles in Business, Lambda Sigma
"I love CPC because of how many opportunities it has given me, to grow into the person and leader that I am. I love how everyone supports each other as well as holds each other accountable."

Anna Smith
Vice President of Recruitment

Office Hours: Tuesday/ Thursday 2:30-3:30
Classification: Senior
Involvement: Study Buddy chair, legal assistant at McHard Anderson and Associates, Eagle Spurs research, Psi Chi Honors Society
"CPC has given me some of my best friends. Gamma Chi molded me into a more confident and approachable person and I am so excited and blessed to be able to use those skills in my new role."

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Hannah Arnold
Vice President of Administration

Office Hours: 
Monday 11am-12pm and Thursday 1-2pm
Classification: Junior
Involvement: Honors College, Luckyday, Eagle Connection, and Cru
"I love the CPC because it is an empowering community of women who support each other regardless of their chapter affiliation. CPC has given me some of my lifelong friends, and I am thankful for the memories I have made as a member of this community! "

Marlana Bullock
Vice President of Public Relations
Office Hours: Wednesday 3-4pm and Friday 9:30-10:30am
Classification: Junior
Involvement: Student Nutrition Society, Gamma Chi, and FSL 
"I love CPC because of how much it has encouraged me to be my best self. I am continuing to grow and I have a whole group of women supporting me every step of the way."

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Estefania Hurtado 
Vice President of
Community Engagement 

Office Hours: Tuesday/ Thursday 2-3pm
Classification: Junior
Involvement: Gamma Chi, Jubilee Program, ACES Program, American Medical Student Association, and Circle of Sisterhood
"This community of empowering women has welcomed me with open hands and has given me so many leadership opportunities that have led me to grow into a leader. The friendships and support that this community gives to each single member is amazing. This is why I love my community and I plan to give back to it. "
Kassidy Bailey
Vice President of
Community Wellness

Office Hours: Thursday 8:45-10:45 am
Classification: Junior
Involvement: Forensic Science Society, CJFSS Ambassador
"Panhellenic has given me so many opportunities to better my personal and professional skills, all while meeting some my best friends. I have gained countless leadership skills, which will enable me to take on career goals. The biggest reason why I love CPC is because it has given me a community here in Hattiesburg and a place to call home."
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Hanna Allen
Vice President of
Office Hours: Tuesday/ Thursday 12:30-1:30pm
Classification: Sophomore
Involvement: SAPA, SGA Senate, FSL
"I love CPC because it has given me endless opportunities for growth and leadership. CPC has also provided me with friendships and connections that I will cherish forever."

Raven Harris
Vice President of 
Member Development

Office Hours: Monday 1-2pm and Thursday 10:30-11:30am
Classification: Junior 
Involvement: Eagle Connection, Black Eyed-Susans
"Among each chapter you will find women who go above and beyond to show their support of each other, no matter their affiliation. "
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