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Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life


(601) 266-4825


118 College Dr. #5008

Hattiesburg, MS 39406




President of Panhellenic

Major: Speech Pathology & Audiology

Hometown: Middletown, MD

Classification: Junior

Involvement: Gamma Chi

"I decided to run for CPC because I wanted to give back to the community that has given me so much. The friendships, experiences, and opportunities I've gained from my sorority are invaluable and I want to continue building this community of empowered women."


Vice President of Retention

Major: Psychology 

Hometown: Pensacola, Fl

Classification: Junior

Involvement: Gamma Chi

"I wanted to be apart of CPC exec because through greek life I have developed relationships with so many women who have encouraged me to be a leader. From my many opportunities in greek life I have seen myself grow into a better person!"


Vice President of Membership

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Brandon, MS

Classification: Junior

Involvement: Southern Style, Student Alumni Association, Gamma Chi

"I chose to apply for CPC exec because the women in our greek community have encouraged me to grow and become confident in myself. I hope, through my position, to encourage the other women in our community to do the same!"


Vice President of Administration

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Florence, MS

Classification: Sophomore

Involvement: Luckyday, Student government Association, Southern Style, Eagle Connection, EagleTHON, Gamma Chi, Phi Eta Sigma

"I applied to serve on CPC exec because my heart and passion for our Panhellenic community is constantly growing and I want to invest more into this council and these women!"


Vice President of Public Relations

Major: Healthcare Marketing

Hometown: Norwood, LA

Classification: Sophomore

Involvement: Gamma Chi, Eagle Connection, ACES, Student Government Association, Cru Ministry, Venture Volunteer Team 

"I ran for CPC Exec because the idea of being a part of the system that gave me so much was too irresistible to pass up and I want the opportunity to present other girls with the same love I receive every day from my chapter!"

Vice President of
Community Engagement 
Major: Speech Pathology & Audiology
Hometown: Hattiesburg, MS
Classification: Sophomore
Involvement: Gamma Chi, Eagle Connection, Luckyday, Lamda Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, EagleCatholic
"I applied to CPC Exec because I truly love the Greek Community and can't wait to work with each chapter to enhance their amazing philanthropies and to promote Circle of Sisterhood!"
Vice President of
Community Standards
Major: Biochemistry with a minor in Biology & Management
Hometown: Thomasville, AL
Classification: Junior
Involvement: Standards Board, Ritual Song Chair, Gamma Chi
"I joined greek life because I knew that as a commuter I would need people to push me out of my comfort zone. Greek life has helped me grow into a more confident women who can now take on a room full of strangers with no fear!"
Vice President of
Member Development
Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: Mariette, GA
Classification: Junior
Involvement: Southern Style, Student Government Association, Eagle Connection, Gamma Chi
"I chose to join Greek life because I didn't know anyone before I came to USM. My biological sister and I are really close, so I wanted to form similar connections with other women in the Greek community."

Megan Wilkinson

Panhellenic Advisor