Letters of Recommendation

What is a Recommendation Letter?


A recommendation, or reference, serves as your introduction to the sorority. This provides chapter members an opportunity to get to know you before primary recruitment in the fall. These official forms, each unique to the individual sorority, are provided by the national organization for their alumnae members to fill out on behalf of the potential new member (PNM). Please note that each sorority has its own policy as to how they consider reference/recommendation letters


Who can write one?


Only sorority alumna, or potentially a collegiate member of a sorority, can write a recommendation to her sorority. It is also recommended that the alumna use her sorority's official recommendation form, which can usually be found on the sorority's national website or in the sorority's national magazine.

Do I need one?


Securing letters of recommendation is ultimately NOT the obligation of the potential new member, but if you choose to do so, consider these tips below:

If a PNM decides she wants to personally seek out alumnae to write a recommendation on her behalf, she need only secure one for each of the eight NPC chapters at Southern Miss, more than one per chapter is unnecessary.

The eight NPC chapters at Southern Miss are: Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi, Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, Kappa Delta, Phi Mu, and Pi Beta Phi.

If an alumna or collegian offers to write you a recommendation, it is customary to provide them with a photo of yourself, an official copy of your academic transcript, a resume highlighting your school/community involvement, and a self-addressed stamped envelope. A floor up thank you note is also appropriate.

What if I do not have one?


If you cannot find someone to write your recommendation for each of the eight NPC sororities recognized at Southern Miss, please do not worry! Recommendation letters are like extra credit -- it's great if you can get them, but they are not required by all chapters. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the chapter to find a recommendation for you.

Where do I send it?


Letters of recommendation should be sent to the

Fraternity and Sorority Life Office at the address provided below.

Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life 


The University of Southern Mississippi

118 College Dr. #5008

Hattiesburg, MS 39406

We strongly urge you to mail all recommendations to the chapters by August 8th to ensure they arrive and are reviewed prior to the start of recruitment. If you have additional questions about letters of recommendation, please feel free to email: