Recruitment Counselors


A recruitment counselor, often referred to as a Gamma Rho Chi, is an upperclassman, sorority woman who has temporarily disassociated from their sorority to provide unbiased support for PNMs. Recruitment counselors will provide support and guidance for PNMs as they integrate into their chapter and the campus as a whole.



  • Someone who is a positive and honest representation of the Panhellenic community.

  • Someone who always has Potential New Members' best interests at heart.

  • Someone who is educated about all chapters on campus.

  • Someone who values all women involved in the recruitment process. 

  • Someone who is a good listener.

A Recruitment Counselors Purpose is…

  • To welcome Potential New Members to our community and make them feel comfortable.

  • To educate Potential New Members about what being a member of our Panhellenic community looks like. 

  • To be available to support Potential New Members in any way before, during and after the recruitment process. 

  • To go above and beyond so that Potential New Members experience recruitment in the most positive way possible.

  • To prepare Potential New Members to express what they are looking for in a sisterhood, to chapter members.

  • To act as a sounding board for Potential New Members while they decide what chapters they connect with most.

  • To continue to serve as an advocate during potential New Members transitions into college and sorority life.

What to know about your Gamma Chi

  • You will first meet them at Recruitment Orientation, which takes place during Golden Eagle Welcome week. 

  • They are excited to join you in your journey and support you along the way. 

  • They are there for you with any questions or concerns that you may have.

  • Your Gamma Chi has disassociated from her chapter to be an unbiased resource for you, please do not try to reveal her affiliation before she tells you on Bid Day.

  • These women have been hand-selected and have devoted their past semester to prepare to help you have the smoothest recruitment possible.


Serving as a Gamma Rho Chi was one of the most empowering experiences I have ever gotten to be part of. It taught me that being a good leader meant confidently being myself. It truly was a privilege to embrace and support new college women during their first major sorority experience. I am a stronger, more empowered woman because I was a Gamma Chi.

- Kalyn (Left)


Serving as a Gamma Chi for two years in a row has been a challenging and rewarding experience.  I gained skills in empathy, peer mentorship, connection, organization, leadership! I’ve grown in appreciation for my own chapter through the Gamma Chi experience and serving our Panhellenic community. Learning how to advocate for my community has given me skills that prove valuable in my career field, sorority alumnae experience, and collegiate involvement!

- Rebecca (Right)


I learned how to truly empower another woman. As a Gamma Chi, you take your own opinions and biases out of it and simply support another woman to make the decisions that are best for her. I always thought that I knew how to empower someone, but being a Gamma Chi pushed me and showed me what that actually looks like

- Katie (Right)


Monday, August 16th - Recruitment Orientation

Wednesday, August 18th - Open House Round

Thursday, August 19th - Philanthropy Round
Friday, August 20th - Sisterhood Round
Saturday, August 21st - Preference Round
Sunday, August 22nd - Bid Day



Our social media is consistently updated with new information about recruitment. This is a great way to stay informed and continue learning more about the Panhellenic community at Southern Miss. 

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