Continuous Open Bidding (COB) is the other process through which women join a sorority. COB is much more informal and interested PNMs and eligible chapters can get to know each other through small chapter-hosted events, coffee dates, dinner with a small group, and similar. All chapters will not be eligible to recruit informally after the primary recruitment process. Roughly 20% of women join through COB. COB is sometimes also called COR (Continuous Open Recruitment) and Spring Recruitment even COB occurs in the fall and spring.

What might the process look like?

What chapters are participating?
When is it?
Am I eligible to participate?
How can I get in contact with the chapters?
What are my options?
What to Expect

Being a sorority woman is a fun way to enrich your college experience, but it is also a commitment. Chapters require their members to meet certain financial, housing, community service, and academic obligations. If you are interested in joining a chapter, it is important to be aware of these membership responsibilities.


There are various financial commitments associated with sorority membership. Before joining a chapter it is important to consider the financial aspect of sorority. The link below provides more specific information about the costs of membership, but potential members are encourage to ask chapter members about their personal experiences.


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