at The University of Southern Mississippi

I love the Panhellenic community at Southern Miss because I always feel embraced and encouraged to accept my authentic self as I am. I have never felt like I needed to change or fit a certain mold during my time in a sorority, and my friendships in panhellenic have instilled this confidence in me from the start.

- Rebecca

The Panhellenic community at Southern Miss has made such a positive impact on my life and I will always be grateful for it. It has changed who I am as a person and has made me more confident in myself as a leader. Through my experience, I have been able to reach my full potential and I am forever indebted to this amazing community for allowing me to do so.

- Amanda

I love the Panhellenic community at USM because we are all so supportive of one another. I am friends with lots of people from other chapters, and I love seeing other sorority women around campus! The closeness of the Panhellenic community at USM is unlike any other!

- Mary Elizabeth

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From a foundation of shared values and a common purpose, we commit:


To authentically embrace college women in a safe and enriching sisterhood

To equip a courageous community that embodies grace, brilliance, and humility


To then empower our women to pursue growth through self-discovery, strength through accountability, and greatness through adversity.

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